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Delphic oracle - Ancient Greece- Greek god Apollo

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Olympia Greece - Ancient Greece

The archeological site of Ancient Olympia is the origin of the Olympic Games. Thousands of people visit it in order to admire the Hermes of Praxiteles Statue and the remains of the Temple of Zeus where the chryselepantine statue of Zeus was hosted during ancestry.
Athens Greece Museums

Athens has a long history both ancient and modern which is presented in its museums. The city is full of various museums with priceless treasures that date back to thousands of years ago.
Acropolis - Greek parthenon

Acropolis and the Greek Parthenon are two of the most inportant monuments situated in Athens Greece visited by hundreds of tourists throughout the year.
Greece - Greek islands

My personal guide for the Greek islands offering fun useful travel information for the Greek islands, photos, Greek islands maps, restaurants, recommendation for places to visit.
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